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Price: $ 83

How it works 

Place order here with correct & working email 

you will receive an email with user password 

Download Software from here

use user pass like this 

Supported HMD smartphone:

Nokia 1 (Frontier)

Nokia 2 (Dynamo)

Nokia 3 (Essential)

Nokia 5 (Core)

Nokia 6 (Plate)

Nokia 6 (Plate2 2018)

Nokia 7 (Charm)

Nokia 7 Plus (Onyx)

Nokia 8 (Avenger Sirocco)

Nokia 8 (Bang)

Nokia X6 (Dragon)

Supported functions:

Flashing of original .NB0 files or original unpacked .NB0
!!! make sure you using proper firmwares for your phone model !!!

Service operation (repair IMEI/MAC/BT)

FRP reset

Bootloader unlock signature generation (also available remote bootloader unlock for customers via IMEI and serial!)
!!! make sure you double check IMEI and SERIAL NUMBER BEFORE REQUEST !!!

All operations ( flash, repair IMEI/MAC/BT, FRP reset, bootloader unlock ) work without testpoint!